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Holland Tunnel, Manhattan

The first automobile tunnel built under the Hudson River was the Holland Tunnel, opened to vehicular traffic on November 13, 1927.  The Holland Tunnel was formerly named the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel or the Canal Street Tunnel.  Today it is named for it's chief engineer Clifford Milburn Holland (1883-1924).

Beginning in 1906, a joint commission of New York and New Jersey explored the possibility of construction of a roadway crossing to connect the states.  After design proposals from various engineers including George Goethals, and the firm of Jacobs and Davies, the design of two separate tubes by Clifford Holland was chosen.  In 1919, Holland was named Chief Engineer of the project.

On February 1, 1920 funds were appropriated for construction by the New Jersey Interstate Bridge and Tunnel Commission and the New York State Bridge and Tunnel Commission.  Construction of the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel Project began on March 31, 1922 at the corner of Canal Street and West S…

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Greenwich Village or "The Village" extends from Houston north to West 14th Street and from Broadway west to the Hudson River.

Greenwich is Anglicized from the Dutch Greenwijck (meaning pine district) into the same name as the borough of London.

Greenwich Village has many streets named for Revolutionary War heroes:

MacDougal Street - named for Alexander McDougall (1731-1786) a leader of the Sons of Liberty, major general in the Continental Army, a NY State Senator and the first President of New York Bank.

Mercer Street - named for Hugh Mercer (1726-1777) a Brigadier General and close friend of George Washington. Died as a result of wounds received in the Battle of Princeton.

Thompson Street - named for William Thompson (1736-1781) a Brigadier General of the War.
Wooster Street - named for David Wooster (1711-1777) a General of the War.
Greene Street - named for Nathanael Greene (1742-1786)  a General of the War.LaGuardia Place - named for Fiorello H. LaGuardia, mayor of New York Cit…