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Bronx River

The Bronx River is approximately 24 miles long.  It flows from southern Westchester to the East River. Bronx River flowing through Bronx Park (1896) Museum of the City of New York It was named for colonial settler Jonas Bronck.  The Bronx River is the only fresh water river in New York City. The Bronx River originally sourced from the area of the current Kensico Reservoir in Westchester.  With the construction of the Kensico Dam, in 1885, the flow was limited to a small tributary stream as its source. Bronx River (1900) Library of Congress It flows into the Bronx at Bronx Park and continues through the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo, and into the South Bronx.  It empties into the East River, separating the Hunt's Point and Soundview neighborhoods. Bronx River flowing (1900) Library of Congress The river was called Aquehung or "River of High Bluffs" by the Mohegan Indian Tribe who lived and fished along it.  In 1639, a 500-acre tr